Andrew’s Arm Anatomy And Also Anything Adding Alliteration


About a year ago, I went through a phase in which I drew my friends as superheroes. Here is super luthier Andrew (with my happy viola):


When I came across this again recently, I had to redo him. The main reason was because that left arm bothered me so badly. Look at it –that armpit area is just all wrong! I noticed it long ago, even before doing some arm studies some weeks ago. But now that I know the arm muscles even more thoroughly, I saw this and couldn’t stand it any longer! So here he is, all new and improved… and digital!


Now the right arm is looking a bit too awkward too me, but at least it may be plausible. Oh well, for the next iteration…

Ahh, I love anatomy. I think it’s the key to getting “that right look” in drawing creatures and poses, no matter how unrealistic or stylized the drawing.



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