Painting a chicken

I feel like 90% of my posts have been a lot of unrefined sketchy sketches so far. What can I say? It’s quick and easy work to produce. Hense my go-to method when I need blog material STAT (if you think I made a typo, then it was actually a failed pun). By the way, I resist the temptation to post old artwork  just have something to post when I have nothing to post (does that make sense?). Only current stuff! Wouldn’t want my productivity to slack off. And ruin a progressing record of my development.

But now my blog is starting to look monotonous. So today I present… a colorful chicken painting!! It’s based off of a chicken I sketched on my badge while standing and waiting in super long lines at CTN. Here’s the original sketch:


Ba GOK! Then I started throwing color over it. Like this:


Horrible. I was randomly guessing at the values and shades. The more I painted this way, the more ugly it got. Uh uh. Stop now. Start over. This time, first figure out what the local colors are going to be. And while you’re at it, decide on a light source. In fact, just use Peanut as reference:


Oh my, there’s a little more to chicken face anatomy than waddles and a beak. Figure out contours and do some development:

Designate some local colors, think about shading, and what do we get? A chicken in progress!


Well, still far from done. However I already feel better about this one than that first attempt. And I assume the more I do, the faster I’ll get. Or at least, better? I hope.

To be continued!!!

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