Happy 2017!


Thought I’d start my first post of the new year with a fun family moment. When I became a yee-yee (which is Cantonese for “aunty from your mother’s side”), I had no idea how interesting it would be observing little humans grow up.

Here’s my nephew again, perhaps revealing a slight grudge, or trying to discipline me, for not allowing him to leave the bedroom to rewind a dvd, aka “pressing triangles.”


For context, his mother was on a conference call in the living room by the TV and needed it quiet…

Coming up next: the quickest transition from laughing joyously to crying in distress! Stay tuned!

Drawing with the sisters

Happy holidays! Family reunions are always fun, especially when we start drawing each other. My little sister loves to draw too. Today we both drew an older sister, um, in our own unique styles. I don’t know why, but I tend to caricature my seesters ugly. It’s much more fun… I guess it’s more about the reaction. My version is the bottom one with the lips. She got fake angry. Or maybe real angry…


Anyway, then we decided to draw our older sisters as mermaids, inspired by a Tom Bancroft book I got my younger sister for Christmas. This book was filled with fun drawings Disney/Marvel/DC/etc characters in silly random situations, which reminded me of the times I had drawing with my little sister growing up. Actually, the Bancroft brothers in general remind me of fun times drawing with my little sister… Oh yeah, so mermaids. The Tom Bancroft book also has a section of his MerMay drawings, which is apparently a mermaid drawing challenge that happens during the month of May. Well, it definitely ain’t May now, but inspiration was just knocking at our door. And we answered it:


Life drawing times


I did life drawing today! I still tend to go for a realistic style, but often end up exaggerating parts anyway. For example, her legs in this drawing are really long on purpose. Why? Hmm, I just felt like it wanted to be. Yeah, I do love gesture drawing.

I also love going to unguided life drawing sessions because everyone has their own way and goals in drawing a subject. Creating a goal of a drawing is sort of an exercise in itself. There are drawings striving for realism, drawings focusing on a particular style, drawings experimenting with a specific technique… Lots of abstract drawings too. Lately, I’ve found myself caricaturing the subject too. Somehow, a little part of me feels blasphemous making cartoony drawings, but I also love that you can kind of do whatever you want at these life drawing sessions.


Lately, I’ve been stopping and staring at lizards and reptiles. My latest sketchbook pages are of drawings centering around dinosaurs! Not just extinct prehistoric beasts, but also birds and lizardy things. I even looked up rhinoceros but then stopped after I read that they were mammals.

It started when I found myself exploring of the look of hind legs. Specifically, I was studying that Styracosaurus from Terryl Whitlatch’s Science of Creature Design and trying to draw my own version of it. It looked BAD:


Looking at Terryl’s illustration again, I found myself wondering, what makes those legs so dinosaury? For some reason, I allowed myself to reference the head while drawing, but not the body. I think I thought I had it, but quickly discovered oh no, I need to study up on some hind legs!



Oh hello, bird. After looking at a few reptiles and birds, I made another attempt at the Styracosaurus later that day:


Whoa. Surprised myself! I mean this is by no means flawless, but what a difference. I drew a couple of skeletons too which helped with forearm placement and show some scapula action going on.

Dinosaurs are so cool looking.



Inkcember #1


Oh, kids say the darndest things. I heard this story from a coworker by one of the 7 year olds. Their perception of marriage is so innocently simple…

It’s December now so I’m starting a new series of inked comics called Inkcember. I’ll aim to crank out at least four this month.

Happy ThanX-giving

Revisited another old treasure from the “X-vault.” Original sketch by my sister, MJ. There’s no date on the drawing but my guess is 2000. Thought I’d add some color and try fixing it with shading. Nowhere near done, so to be continued in the future. Maybe another 16 years? Haha. Hope everyone had a great cook out and stuffed themselves silly this holiday! Don’t let Gambit cut the turkey.