Character Design Challenge #1

I just discovered something delightful —a monthly Character Design Challenge! Every month they come out with a new theme. You have to submit through a facebook group, and people post some pretty fun stuff… This one’s mine!


Here are some more designs I came up with for an exercise at Animschool. Before I knew about the challenge, I had randomly chosen a photo of a “crusty biker” to base my designs off of… and lucky I did, because my instructor knew about it and told me that this month’s theme happened to be bikers.



Painting redo

As stated in my last post, here is a rework of the Baby Mika receiving gifts for walking down the hallway illustration. I basically rebuilt the hallway, this time actually creating a vanishing perspective point. And instead of starting with color, I first painted in black and white values. After that, then I started adding hues. Future note to self: if you’re not going to use layers, start with items in the background first and work your way up to the foreground.


I think the colors, shading, and perspective are more convincing now. But I still feel like the painting could be livened up…. Don’t know how yet. Some day, I would love to be able to add crazy colors and make really beautiful moody scenes. At work, we have a guy currently producing mood paintings for the renderers. I tried. I sucked. I did some research online. There are some amazing concept and viz dev artworks. The ones I took interest in used really vibrant lighting and colors…. I don’t even know where they came from in the scene. But they looked delicious.

The Adventures of Baby Mika #1: Mika receives gifts while walking down the hallway

Earlier this week, the Baby Mika chat group posted a photo of four random items: a Hello Kitty keychain, a paper hat (or boat?), a flamingo puff ball, and a 100 Thai baht bill. The description: “Mika’s gifts that she received while walking down the hallway and back.” So I speculated…


This is an example of a painting with bad colors. And perspective. A good example will soon be in progress and will be posted when I have succeeded.


2017 Inktober – Second half


My 2017 Inktobers for the second half of the month:

Day 16 – Fat:



Day 21 – Furious:



Day 22 – Trail:



Day 23 – Juicy:



Day 24 – Blind:



Day 25 – Ship:



Day 26 – Squeak:26-72


Day 30 – Found:



All of these drawings were at least started on the date of the actual prompt. The ones scrawled in the drawings are probably when I actually finished them. Except for the last one. That definitely took three work lunch breaks to complete.

Now on to No-ink November!

2017 Inktober – First half


My 2017 Inktobers for the first half of the month:

Day 1 – Swift:


Day 2 – Divided:


Day 3 – Poison:3_poison-72

Day 4 and 5 combined because I missed day 4 – Underwater and Long:4-5_underwater-long-72

Day 6 – Sword:6_sword-72Day 7-14 – FAIL! I didn’t draw anything… 😦 😦

Day 15 – Mysterious:


Semi-guided Life Drawing Session no. 1

Oh boy, Inktober is coming up! Get ready for a bunch of posts. I work inside an art school now. The life drawing class is right next to my studio and they let me come in to draw whenever I want… how nice. The instructor will even give me tips (in a different language that I don’t understand 100%). It’s a little weird, having never been to a guided life drawing session before. I feel more pressure to follow the style that he teaches instead of doing whatever I want (as I would in unguided life drawing sessions), but it’s a new experience… Here’s what happened. He had said the neck and shoulder connection needed to be more clear. Then he took my book and drew over it.