Eiffel Tower of Pisa

Punch pose

Modeling Baba Yaga’s Lair no. 2

Modeling Baba Yaga’s Lair no. 1

Cheshire Catting #2

Cheshire Catting #1

This year’s zodiac…

Biker design refinement

Character Design Challenge #1

Painting redo

The Adventures of Baby Mika #1: Mika receives gifts while walking down the hallway

Happy New Year!

2017 Inktober – Second half

2017 Inktober – First half

Semi-guided Life Drawing Session no. 1


Happy 2017!

Drawing with the sisters

Life drawing times


Inkcember #1

Happy ThanX-giving

I’m glad my sketchbook inspired someone but…

Inkvember 4, 2016

Inkvember 2, 2016

Post-inktober Inktober, aka Inkvember

Vader Rex

Lady Acrobat Character Lula

Lady acrobat character Corinne

Lady acrobat character Bertha

Cat animation

Most awesome coloring book ever!

Magnolia Monsters

Dolphin Sighting

Urban Sketching

Warming up

Happy B Day

Interpret the pasta sauce smear

Photobombing tree

Monday prompts, revisited

Blackberry model

Just a simple sketch of a goalie, whose arm defies the laws of physics and exists outside of time and space which has taken the form of a panther arm

Rodeo time!

X-men on a bike

Containers going to school…


Painting a chicken

Trying to sketch moving dancers and kids…

Plaaaaay Baaaaaaall!!!!

Andrew’s Arm Anatomy And Also Anything Adding Alliteration

Airplane movies

person wearing an oversize backpack trying to crawl into a ventilation shaft

three postures for piano

Space operative

A fair warning to everyone…

Bear getting punched in mouth

Rat drawing assignment

Messing with anatomy

Farm trouble

Maxpot Moments, no. 5

Maxpot Moments, no. 4

Pliny the Eco Guy

Life drawing class at the Science Academy of LBJ high school

Maxpot Moments, no. 3

Learnin’ me some fundamentals of lighting! Part 1.

Maxpot Moments, no. 2

Maxpot Moments, no. 1