Cat animation

In my mind, I always liked the idea of doing 2d animation. Drawing each pose directly by hand… oh boy! Doesn’t that sound like fun?? To some people, most people, this sounds repetitive. And it totally is. I’m not sure why it sounds fun to me. I think I just like the idea of drawing a lot. But it’s a little difficult to work on a drawn animation without the right set up. Things have to align and stuff. Also, I’ve always wanted to try this page rolling technique that I’ve seen and read about.

I need an animation desk! With the pegs and the inclined rotating surface. I’ve never used one before, even though I really want to have one right here next to me. For now, I just rigged a quick set up by taking one of those standing clear plastic sign holders and sticking two binder clips on the edges to hold the papers in place.

Woohoo, now I have somewhat of an animation drawing table. To celebrate, I drew a sitting cat. Why a cat? Because they’re cute. And I was thinking about how they seem to move pose to pose when they’re pouncing or attacking something. Like this:


The clear plastic of my “drawing desk” allowed light to come through and illuminate the drawing beneath, like a lightbox. It was awesome. Then I got another idea to make the cat get up and start walking, and anticipate the action.


I didn’t use any video reference, even though I kept thinking to do so. I also realized I made it difficult by putting in a perspective. So I had a lot of cleaning up to do in photoshop. But yes, I did finally get to try the rolling page thingy, and it was awesome!

Plaaaaay Baaaaaaall!!!!

baseball-pitching_02aI never thought I would get into baseball, but for a sport that seems like nothing’s really happening, it’s got almost everything going on –running, jumping, diving, sliding, throwing, hitting, catching, spitting… Here’s some fun I had sketching pitching poses and trying to figure out the body mechanics. baseball-pitching_03b

Pitching, now that’s a pretty distinctive part of baseball. Some pitchers have really quirky pitches, like kicking super high (Cy Young and Juan Marichal), and taking an extra steppy doo (Clayton Kershaw). Then there’s Tim Lincecum’s crazy rubber arm…



Must animate!

So… much… overlap… and… opportunity… to… exaggerate!



The second one is more about arcs and timing. Like the foot flourish?? 🙂

Pliny the Eco Guy

Oh man, remember that awesome show Bill Nye the Science Guy? Well guess what… he’s going to be in Austin next week, the same time CMPBS is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a bunch of alumni, which made me and another alumnus wonder what would happen if Pliny Fisk III teamed up with Bill Nye??


Pliny the Eco Guy
Pliny the Eco Guy
Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk
Pliny the Eco Guy
(Sustainability rules)
Pliny the Eco Guy
(Carbon footprint is a matter of ecobalancing)
Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk
Pliny the Eco Guy
Fisk, Fisk, Fisk,
(Protocol, prototype, and policy)
Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk
Pliny the Eco Guy


Song and design inspired by Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Images and graphics by CMPBS.

Spinning Pliny head and animation by ME!!