2017 Inktober – First half


My 2017 Inktobers for the first half of the month:

Day 1 – Swift:


Day 2 – Divided:


Day 3 – Poison:3_poison-72

Day 4 and 5 combined because I missed day 4 – Underwater and Long:4-5_underwater-long-72

Day 6 – Sword:6_sword-72Day 7-14 – FAIL! I didn’t draw anything… ūüė¶ ūüė¶

Day 15 – Mysterious:



Lady Acrobat Character Lula

This is Lula. Oldest in her team, youngest at heart. She spent her childhood in the circus, growing up as a trapeze artist. Her preferred method of transportation is swinging.
skycandylady3_danglingThe glass is always half full to her. While super courageous, or perhaps just very happy go lucky, she is also mischievous and always losing things, much to the annoyance of her friends. Though troublesome at times, her cheery disposition and amazing energy make up for her shortcomings.


Inspired by a life drawing session with SkyCandy of Austin.

Lady acrobat character Corinne

skycandylady2_peepingMeet Corinne. She has a weakness for¬†accessories and cute puppies, but hates it when¬†cute puppies are used as accessories. Ironically,¬†she can turn any accessory into a deadly weapon. Elegant, attractive, deadly. Enemies¬†are fooled by¬†her flirty shyness, a coy strategy¬†to combat¬†muscle and brute strength. She’s actually very practical, enjoys¬†exotic culture, and reads¬†science fiction novels.


Inspired by a life drawing session with SkyCandy of Austin.

Lady acrobat character Bertha

Meet Bertha. She’s the leader of a¬†sky acrobat team of heroines trained entertainers. Her specialty is the hula hoop and she handles¬†one that weighs 20 pounds. Enemies are often¬†thrown off by her surprising¬†flexibility. Sometimes she gets intense cravings for¬†chunky¬†peanut butter¬†and chocolate desserts.¬†Hates climbing trees.skycandylady1

Inspired by a life drawing session with Austin’s SkyCandy.

Magnolia Monsters

I was dumping out prebath water by the magnolia tree when I suddenly found myself face to face with this little guy:


It’s the leftover of a magnolia flower!

Look¬†at¬†all those¬†textures! I thought it was the cutest little thing and felt¬†inspired to create¬†little magnolia creatures…


So tempted to write a children’s book now…

Blackberry model


Digital painting exercise in progress, inspired by a quick sketch of a friend who decided to pose with this Blackberry Q5…

I actually had a previous iteration in which her face was NOT¬†turning¬†out at all. Uh uh, it was¬†unattractive. And¬†I was losing sight of how I originally envisioned it with each adjustment, so finally I just redid it…

Here’s that process.¬†Sorry about the scary floating heads…


First order of business: Redo the¬†initial base¬†sketch. Figure out lighting and shading. Then add colors. Aaaaand, to be continued…