2017 Inktober – First half


My 2017 Inktobers for the first half of the month:

Day 1 – Swift:


Day 2 – Divided:


Day 3 – Poison:3_poison-72

Day 4 and 5 combined because I missed day 4 – Underwater and Long:4-5_underwater-long-72

Day 6 – Sword:6_sword-72Day 7-14 – FAIL! I didn’t draw anything… ūüė¶ ūüė¶

Day 15 – Mysterious:



Post-inktober Inktober, aka Inkvember

Aw. I completely forgot about Inktober and Drawlloween and all that fun stuff last month. I only remembered on the last day of October and managed to look up¬†the day’s prompt, which was ‘friend.’

Dinosaurs are popular Halloween costumes. And I like chickens. So this is what I came up with in the last few minutes of October 2016:


Perhaps I should work on polishing my drawings. I’m such a fan of messy drawings.¬†They’re just exciting to look at!¬†But I should learn to polish my drawings too. Perhaps that should be my goal via… Inkvember! There’s no reason that Inktober as a concept should¬†only be done in October. Jake Parker is my new drawing hero.

Containers going to school…

Woohoo, Monday sketch time!


So¬†I ruined the prompt again. Apologies to the¬†promptist, Razzleberries. “Container school” would be¬†more apt.¬†You know, in¬†the¬†spirit of all those architectural projects using¬†modular shipping containers…

But if you are¬†curious about actual containers going to school, BlendoGames will show you how it’s done!


Painting a chicken

I feel like 90% of my posts have been a¬†lot of unrefined sketchy sketches so far. What can I say? It’s quick and easy work¬†to¬†produce.¬†Hense my¬†go-to method¬†when I need¬†blog material STAT (if you think¬†I made¬†a typo, then it was¬†actually¬†a failed pun). By the way, I¬†resist the temptation¬†to post¬†old artwork ¬†just¬†have something to post when I¬†have nothing to post (does¬†that make sense?). Only¬†current stuff! Wouldn’t want my¬†productivity to¬†slack off.¬†And ruin a progressing¬†record of my¬†development.

But now my blog is starting to look monotonous. So today I present…¬†a colorful¬†chicken painting!! It’s based off of a chicken I sketched on my badge while standing and waiting in super long lines at CTN. Here’s the original sketch:


Ba GOK! Then I started throwing color over it. Like this:


Horrible. I was randomly guessing at the values and¬†shades. The more I painted this way, the more ugly¬†it got.¬†Uh uh. Stop now.¬†Start over. This time, first figure out what the local colors are going to be. And while you’re at it, decide on a¬†light source. In fact, just use¬†Peanut as reference:


Oh my, there’s a little more to chicken face anatomy than waddles and a beak. Figure out contours and do some development:

Designate some local colors, think about shading, and what do we get? A chicken in progress!


Well, still far from done.¬†However¬†I already feel better about this one than that first attempt. And¬†I assume the more I do, the faster I’ll get. Or at least, better? I hope.

To be continued!!!