Dolphin Sighting


Did me a 3 value exercise I learned from Nathan Fowkes.

Now to learn me some grammar…


Urban Sketching

Doing these sketches took me back slightly to my architecture days, yet I noticed how much my thinking and way of drawing has changed since then… hopefully for the better!

Location: Mueller park in Austin, Texas


The look of water color is really starting to grow on me. Here I am faking it:

Sorry if the perspective flaws are hurting your eyes. I do understand the rules– just thought I’d try to eyeball it. Probably would have helped if I looked at my drawing at a distance every once in a while… Oh well. Next time! 😀

Monday prompts, revisited

And just like that, it’s time for another Monday sketch post. This week’s prompts are from previous Mondays.


A little out of season, but I needed something Christmasy in substance so I revisited this one.

And a rendition of last week’s prompt:


Blackberry model


Digital painting exercise in progress, inspired by a quick sketch of a friend who decided to pose with this Blackberry Q5…

I actually had a previous iteration in which her face was NOT turning out at all. Uh uh, it was unattractive. And I was losing sight of how I originally envisioned it with each adjustment, so finally I just redid it…

Here’s that process. Sorry about the scary floating heads…


First order of business: Redo the initial base sketch. Figure out lighting and shading. Then add colors. Aaaaand, to be continued…