Character Design Challenge #1

I just discovered something delightful —a monthly Character Design Challenge! Every month they come out with a new theme. You have to submit through a facebook group, and people post some pretty fun stuff… This one’s mine!


Here are some more designs I came up with for an exercise at Animschool. Before I knew about the challenge, I had randomly chosen a photo of a “crusty biker” to base my designs off of… and lucky I did, because my instructor knew about it and told me that this month’s theme happened to be bikers.


Urban Sketching

Doing these sketches took me back slightly to my architecture days, yet I noticed how much my thinking and way of drawing has changed since then… hopefully for the better!

Location: Mueller park in Austin, Texas


The look of water color is really starting to grow on me. Here I am faking it:

Sorry if the perspective flaws are hurting your eyes. I do understand the rules– just thought I’d try to eyeball it. Probably would have helped if I looked at my drawing at a distance every once in a while… Oh well. Next time! 😀

Monday prompts, revisited

And just like that, it’s time for another Monday sketch post. This week’s prompts are from previous Mondays.


A little out of season, but I needed something Christmasy in substance so I revisited this one.

And a rendition of last week’s prompt:


Blackberry model


Digital painting exercise in progress, inspired by a quick sketch of a friend who decided to pose with this Blackberry Q5…

I actually had a previous iteration in which her face was NOT turning out at all. Uh uh, it was unattractive. And I was losing sight of how I originally envisioned it with each adjustment, so finally I just redid it…

Here’s that process. Sorry about the scary floating heads…


First order of business: Redo the initial base sketch. Figure out lighting and shading. Then add colors. Aaaaand, to be continued…