Modeling Baba Yaga’s Lair no. 1

Not really a doodle, but just wanted to announce that I’ve finally come to a stopping point with this fireplace asset. It’s the first asset I’ve done so far for a 3d model of Baba Yaga’s Lair, based on concept art by Leia Ham.


This took way longer than I expected (half a month, with work and classes and one other graphic design project I have going on right now). Also I think it’s one of the most complex assets in the scene, so hopefully the rest will be a breeze, or at least, breezier. But it was good modeling exercise. I also discovered a trick to uprezing all the stones, assuming they are copies of each other. Instead of the transfering option from a blendshape, I just deleted the history on the blendshape and everything transferred. But I’m stillĀ  trying to figure out why you should UV everything as you go along. So far, I’ve just been selecting everything in my nice organized outliner, and using roadkill. Seems to work fine for now. Long after this class, I may texture this one day, and perhaps then I’ll discover how I should have UVed.

All that junk around the fireplace will be modeled as separate assets, and then they will be assembled all together in one big giant happy scene! Here is the link to see the rest of the concept art by Leia Ham.