Maxpot Moments, no. 5


Intern disappearing act. Guess how we did it??


Maxpot Moments, no. 4


Ah Maxpot, where you can experience the great outdoors, be one with nature, and live among chickens, raccoons, rats, mosquitoes…


Oh yes, and coral snakes.

But there are non-poisonous snakes too…


Pliny the Eco Guy

Oh man, remember that awesome show Bill Nye the Science Guy? Well guess what… he’s going to be in Austin next week, the same time CMPBS is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a bunch of alumni, which made me and another alumnus wonder what would happen if Pliny Fisk III teamed up with Bill Nye??


Pliny the Eco Guy
Pliny the Eco Guy
Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk
Pliny the Eco Guy
(Sustainability rules)
Pliny the Eco Guy
(Carbon footprint is a matter of ecobalancing)
Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk
Pliny the Eco Guy
Fisk, Fisk, Fisk,
(Protocol, prototype, and policy)
Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk, Fisk
Pliny the Eco Guy


Song and design inspired by Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Images and graphics by CMPBS.

Spinning Pliny head and animation by ME!!

Maxpot Moments, no. 1


Forget the weekly thing, I gotta get productive! Here’s the first of a series of illustrations. As the 40th anniversary of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems approaches, I’ve been digging up all those great memories from working there…