6thgradeCats are fuuunnny creatures. I remember going through a cat phase when I was… 10 years old? By cat phase, I mean a time in my life when I drew something over and over again. As proof, here’s an embarrassing doodle from an early era of my life, recently discovered at the bottom of a desk drawer.

I did go through a horse and dog phase too, but the horse and dog that you see to the right are specifically characters from my first digital animation ever. Perhaps I’ll save that for a future post…

Well, I sort of went through a cat phase again this past winter which I spent with Snowball. I drew her tons. I wanted to capture her funny behavior:




Well, I thought I’d capture this spirit in my first animation assignment for AnimSquad. So what makes them so funny, especially when they get all excited? You know, like how they suddenly dart out, or get scared and jump up in a smooth arc? Sometimes I even see a flipping movement while watching scramble around a corner, and it always looked so strange to me. Luckily, there are youtube videos of cats jumping around in slow motion. Here’s some sketches of one that was just CONSTANTLY tumbling around:


Wow, I did NOT realize how much they flipped out!! Literally. It’s like their spine is made of rubber. You know how cats always land on their feet because they rotate half their body some 180 degrees? Well, they pretty much do that at any opportunity they’re airborne, even if it’s just for a split second. Can’t wait til I get a cat assignment to animate!

Airplane movies

And we’re back! From spending the entire winter in China, that is. Unfortunately, trying to access the administrative site over there is a huge waste of time… time I had rather spent drawing and animating. So during this little sabbatical, I subscribed to an online drawing school that was at CTN called New Masters Academy, studied figure drawing and human and creature anatomies, animated some baseball pitches, and hung out with a super adorable and funny white cat that became my little muse for many doodles.

About the title of this post, my plan was to rant about a movie I saw enflight and reveal this recent situation abroad with internet limitations. But I’m clearly just typing out a stream of thoughts so I’ll rant in another post. Besides, my jetlag just kicked in and I suddenly feel very sleepy…

Enjoy this cat!