Plaaaaay Baaaaaaall!!!!

baseball-pitching_02aI never thought I would get into baseball, but for a sport that seems like nothing’s really happening, it’s got almost everything going on –running, jumping, diving, sliding, throwing, hitting, catching, spitting… Here’s some fun I had sketching pitching poses and trying to figure out the body mechanics. baseball-pitching_03b

Pitching, now that’s a pretty distinctive part of baseball. Some pitchers have really quirky pitches, like kicking super high (Cy Young and Juan Marichal), and taking an extra steppy doo (Clayton Kershaw). Then there’s Tim Lincecum’s crazy rubber arm…



Must animate!

So… much… overlap… and… opportunity… to… exaggerate!



The second one is more about arcs and timing. Like the foot flourish?? 🙂