Happy ThanX-giving

Revisited another old treasure from the “X-vault.” Original sketch by my sister, MJ. There’s no date on the drawing but my guess is 2000. Thought I’d add some color and try fixing it with shading. Nowhere near done, so to be continued in the future. Maybe another 16 years? Haha. Hope everyone had a great cook out and stuffed themselves silly this holiday! Don’t let Gambit cut the turkey.



Interpret the pasta sauce smear


A fun twist on the Rorschach test, don’t you think?

I saw Phoenix:


Blendo saw a robot penguin within the pasta bits:

My sister sees a… mohawk shadow king creature holding an octopus?


So, what do YOU see??

X-men on a bike


Bet you weren’t expecting….




Or THIS!! From BlendoGames:


Well when Blendo approached me for a prompt this week, I frantically thought of two random things that I liked. But when I actually sat down to begin sketching, I suddenly remembered…



My sister and I used to draw TONS of goofy scenes of X-men. We may not have been accurate in our perspective or anatomical accuracy… but hey, it was just for fun.

Just to prove that I wasn’t trying to cheat out of doing some work, I did some lighting and shading for some much needed practice:


A little quote I just heard on the radio today while working on this prompt, and a little something for our desensitized society to think about:

“You get in your car, and you have a better chance of dying than any other time of the day.”

I just realized that it may not be so apparent to everyone else what this statement has to do with bikes. But that would get me started on my manifesto about our transportation systems and choices. Hint: Read Beast’s thought to get an idea…